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  • Catfish Fish Landing Net


    The RS NETS CATFISH LANDING NET is a sturdy net created specifically for catfish featuring the deepest bag of any RS Net.  Equipped with a 2 inch mesh, the CATFISH LANDING NET features a...

  • Yaker Fish Landing Net


    The YAKER FISH LANDING NET is the smallest net made by RS Nets USA. It designed specifically for kayaks and small boats. The YAKER FISH LANDING NET is a great light-weight, easily-to-pack...

  • NEW! INSHORE Fish Landing Net


    As a deeper net option for fatter fish, the INSHORE NET was engineered by request of inshore fishers who like to go after redfish, stripers, and other inshore fish. It is an overall versatile net for...

  • Green Bay Fish Landing Net


    The RS Nets USA GREEN BAY FISH LANDING NET is a fishing net that is geared toward walleye fishing.  This net is 20 inches wide x 24 inches long x 30 inches deep.  We...

  • NEW! SOLO SLIMER Fish Landing Net


    The SOLO SLIMER net is the smaller cousin to our MUSKIE MAG. With a slightly smaller hoop, but with the same depth for "fish activities" this net is a great option for musky hunters who like to go...



    The RS Nets USA CRADLE Net is a heavy duty net designed for fishers going after large catfish and fish that have regulations prohibiting them from being netted otherwise. Infused with our standard...

  • King Fish Landing Net


    The KING FISH LANDING NET, by RS NETS USA, is slightly smaller in both bag depth and diameter than the Muskie Mag Fish Landing Net. This is the perfect landing net for King Salmon but is also a great...

  • Weekend Angler Fish Landing Net


    The WEEKEND FISH LANDING NET is the RS Nets USA entry level net. This WEEKEND FISH LANDING NET comes with a 3 foot straight handle, square hoop, and 1 inch mesh.

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